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Unmanned ISR Operations

Unmanned ISR Operations

Contractor Owned and Contractor Operated (COCO)

Enhance Your Advantage with Real-time Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations

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Improve operations with faster decision making and information. All our products are designed and built in the USA. Our operators and technical teams have years of experience working within the aerospace industry and/or US Military branches.


We look beyond the “here-and-now” when helping to develop, establish, and maximize a UAS program. Our USA Acadamy will help you to anticipate future applications and maximize benefits while operating within budget allowances.


Mission types, location, and environments have direct correlations to UAS performance. All our unmanned systems are designed and built to withstand the harshest environments and uphold our customers’ performance standards.


ISR Services for The Bahamas post Hurricaine Dorian 2019

Unmanned Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance​

Gain enhanced situational awareness and make better informed decisions during time-critical missions.

At Swift Tactical Systems our fully integrated unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and software technology solutions are optimized to collect, process, and provide real-time intelligence.

The Importance of Unmanned ISR Operations

Swift Tactical Systems is a proven provider of ISR UAS operations around the globe.

Our team of operators has a deep understanding of concept of operations (ConOps) and is here to make your mission successful. By leveraging the most cutting edge emerging and disruptive technologies our team is able to move quickly with fewer resources and a smaller footprint providing a huge tactical advantage.


Swift Tactical Systems ISR Mission

UAS Academy

Partner with Swift ​to create a sustainable UAS program

Swift Tactical Systems
Is The Key To Your Mission Success

Swift’s diverse portfolio of services and products focused on unmanned intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)

Border Patrol & Monitoring

Persistently monitor remote locations, and secure large areas quickly and efficiently with UAVs. Rapid response and deployments to swiftly get eyes on areas of interest, monitor & track BVLOS, and tag GPS geolocations.

Port Security

Port monitoring and traffic control with autonomous UAVs increase situational awareness. 24/7 monitoring for security threats keeps around the clock eyes on your critical assets.

Tactical Overwatch

View entire incident sites, follow mobile convoys, and protect warfighters from thousands of feet in the air with fully integrated UAV force protection for safety-critical environments.

Critical Infrastructure

Integrate unmanned areal systems (UAS) security and response strategies into your incident action plan. Swift understands best practices and security challenges associated with critical infrastructure security.

Inland Activity

Aerial change detection and monitoring services quickly identify baselines and trends to provide our customers with the essential information they need to make informed decisions accurately.

Emergency Response &
Search & Rescue

Unmanned aerial systems (UASs) are a critical tool for all search and rescue missions. UASs deliver essential aerial data for mapping large areas, locating targets, and helping first responders provide recovery services.

Rapid Response & Preventative Movement

ISR is the future of modern warfare. Swift’s portfolio of products and services provides unbiased information to increase freedom of movement for warfighters and maximize value through integrated operations.

Radio Relay and

Unmanned systems fitted with radio relay stations increase the range, flexibility, and security of communications systems. These relay stations bridge communication gaps between geographically separated units on the battlefield to improve your tactical advantage.


Unmanned technologies offer more efficient damage assessment, inspection, and monitoring than manned systems. UAVs can fly autonomously, or RC piloted to provide rapid and detailed assessments and reconnaissance.

Disaster Response

Transform your disaster management with integrated unmanned systems to improve disaster response, recovery, preparedness, and mitigation efforts. Monitor and inspect more efficiently with accurate aerial surveys.

Wildfire Suppression & Support

Unmanned systems provide critical situational awareness to spot fire trends and determine the best and safest way to deploy resources. UASs are essential tools for accurate fire fighting intelligence as they can fly in low visibility and hazardous conditions where manned aircraft are grounded.

Wildlife Protection & Research

UASs provide substantial benefits to research, conservation, and protection. Monitor wildlife over large areas, inside and outside protected zones, and improve conservation efforts with advanced systems and sensors.

Environmental Monitoring & Research

UASs collect data faster than terrestrial surveying equipment and provide higher resolution data than satellite imagery. Understanding environmental needs allow for proper planning and management.

Energy/Mining Infrastructure Projection

UAS programs are proven to increase efficiencies for mine sites and quarry management. Swift provides mapping and inspection services for stockpile management, operational planning, pre/post-assessments, and more.


Our experienced team provides aerial methane detection and mapping services to identify and pinpoint leaks. Swift Tactical Systems specialized payload detects methane with parts-per-billion precision.