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Unmanned Emergency Response

Unmanned Emergency Response (SAR)

UAS Services and Technology For Emergency response and management.

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and services developed to help first responders during natural disasters and emergencies.

The primary mission when responding to disasters is saving lives.

Fully integrated systems and services to modernize your agency for a more efficient response.

Capability Multiplier

Enhance capabilities and improve the efficiency of first responders without increasing the size of their teams.

Crisis Management

Easily integrate autonomous unmanned aerial systems into your incident command structure.

Emergency Response

Quick reaction teams can be deployed within 24 hours anywhere in the world.

The Bahamas wildfire suppression support 2019

Wildfire Suppression & Support

Maximize Safety & Productivity

Swift Tactical Systems offers autonomous unmanned systems and services to detect, contain, and support in extinguishing fires. Our UASs fly in poor conditions not suitable for helicopters and airplanes, cost significantly less to operate and maintain, and offer more efficient damage assessment, inspection, and monitoring.

Search & Find

Find people faster.

Pre-planned flight paths and autonomous tracking enable fast and easy grid searches over large remote areas. We utilize photogrammetry maps and live video to find targets quickly. Our autonomous systems use various sensors, can fly at night, and can fly beyond visual line of sight.


EO/IR search & find efforts

Disaster response Services for The Bahamas post Hurricaine Dorian 2019

Disaster Response

Where it’s needed most.

Swift Tactical Systems can deploy quick-reaction teams anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Our teams hit the ground ready to help first responders assess the damage, locate survivors, and provide situational awareness and intelligence to quickly make informed decisions.

Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

Swift Tactical Systems supports the Government of Bahamas by providing unmanned emergency response following the Category 5 Hurricane.

Swift Tactical Systems Team Assists Bahamian Ministry Support Efforts

The team utilized its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to gather fast, real-time intelligence, 3D terrain modeling, damage assessments, fire containment analysis, and situational mapping for the Bahamian Ministry of National Security.

Unmanned Emergency Response Use Cases


UAS Fire Services

Search & rescue

law enforcement

Hostile Environments

uas safety and reliability


Disaster Recovery Efforts

Critical Infrastructure Restoration

ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection Integration