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Revolutionizing Drone Technology to Empower the Bahamas

Unmanned Air Systems, Contractor Services, Academy, Maintenance & Repairs, Payload Integration & Customization, and Analytics, all in one place.

Today’s world faces complex challenges that require cutting-edge technologies to solve. The Swift Tactical Systems team understands the unique needs of our customers and is committed to providing autonomous solutions and services that enhance their capabilities to drive progress and innovation.

Swift Crane VTOL UAS - Bahamas National Unmanned Systems BAHNUS
Swift Crane VTOL UAS – Bahamas National Unmanned Systems BAHNUS

Fortifying the Bahamas’ National Security with Autonomous Solutions and Services

Swift Tactical Systems is an autonomous solutions and services company that combines various technologies to create innovative solutions. We provide Unmanned Air Systems (UAS), UAS Contractor Services, UAS Academy, Maintenance and Repairs, Payload Integration & Customization, and Analytics. Our team of seasoned experts has extensive operational experience with thousands of hours of operational UAS experience through multiple overseas deployments in non-permissive areas, including Police Operations, Ground Combat Operations, Maritime Operations, Aviation, ISR, Counter Drug Operations, Anti-Piracy, Search and Rescue, and Humanitarian Operations.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our partnership with The Bahamas government in establishing a national drone program, Bahamas National Unmanned Systems (BAHNUS). This program will fortify the Bahamas’ National Security by providing a comprehensive UAS program to fight crime, drug and gun trafficking, human trafficking, illegal immigration, and poaching. “The Ministry of National Security is in the embryonic stages of its unmanned systems program partnered with Swift Tactical Systems in what has now become a pioneer of a program where Bahamians are not just piloting unmanned aerial systems but are instructors and teaching the operations of unmanned systems. This partnership has proven to be most fruitful in developing the Bahamas National Unmanned Systems. However, it would not have been so if it were not for the advanced technology and expertise of Swift Tactical Systems,” says Captain Carlon Bethell, Director BAHNUS Program, Royal Bahamas Defense Force.

UAS Fleet and Academy

At Swift Tactical Systems, we understand the complexity of managing a comprehensive UAS program. Our UAS Academy takes the complexity out of managing your fleet and training your team. We partner with you to ensure your program becomes self-sufficient while providing support for operations and maintenance. Our goal is to enable your program to become independent and empowered to leverage our technology and expertise to drive progress and innovation within your organization or country.

On February 8, 2023, Bahamian government agency heads (Defence Force, Police, Prison, Customs, Immigration) attended the third UAS Academy graduation, followed by a flight demonstration. Observing recent graduates proficiently launching, flying, and landing the Crane VTOL was a proud moment for the BAHNUS program and The Bahamas.

UAS Academy and Flight demonstration the Bahamas
UAS Academy Graduation and Flight demonstration in the Bahamas

This event was a successful and impressive demonstration of the Swift Tactical Systems UAS technology and expertise. These Agency heads observed the Accipiter fly for three hours (a fraction of its 14-hour, 100k capability) beyond the horizon to Andros Island, approximately 30 miles west of the Coral Harbor demonstration site. This flight clearly demonstrated Swift Tactical Systems capabilities and commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to our partners. It showcased the deployed operational experience of the Swift Tactical Systems personnel as they facilitated two separate UAV launches within one hour.

The feedback from the agency heads, including the Head of Police and his representatives, was overwhelmingly positive. The demonstration flights were a positive step in gaining awareness for the BAHNUS program as this was the first time some of them had seen the Crane VTOL UAS fly and the first time any of them had seen the Accipiter fly. These agency heads were impressed with the Swift Tactical Systems team’s competency, professionalism, and dedication to building the BAHNUS program and expressed their desire to continue this beneficial partnership for the long term.

Swift Accipiter Demonstration the Bahamas
Swift Accipiter Demonstration in the Bahamas

A Partnership Driving Progress and Innovation

Swift Tactical Systems is committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge autonomous solutions and services. Our technology and expertise enable our partners to make data-based decisions that drive progress and innovation. Our partnership with the Bahamas government is a testament to our commitment and dedication to providing innovative solutions that empower our partners. Contact us today to learn more about our revolutionary drone technology and how we can help you drive progress and innovation in your organization.