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Landslide Monitoring and Change Detection

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Customer: Government of Japan

To develop innovative solutions for landslide management, prevention, and slope stabilization.

In Japan, landslides present a severe threat to its citizens. Induced by extreme rainfall and snowmelt, each year, landslide disasters claim thousands of lives worldwide. Sadly, landslides are on the rise in Japan. The government is looking for innovative ways to plan, prevent, and develop early warning systems to save lives.

Swift Tactical Systems is currently working with the Japanese government to provide advanced landslide monitoring techniques. The team is developing three-dimensional maps and models of areas with high likelihoods of landslide threats to surrounding communities.


The Swift Approach:
The Swift team is flying a variety of proprietary UAVs including the Swift021 transitional VTOL. By utilizing multiple payloads to gather orthophoto, lidar, and Near IR (NIR) data, remediation experts can:

  • Uncover landslide scars hidden by forests
  • Develop models for terrain displacement, movement, and debris flow
  • Design simulations for possible outcomes
  • Assist with disaster reconnaissance to identify structures and slope deformation with sub cm accuracy

Impacting Future Decisions:
With each flight, Swift is gathering and processing better actionable data for government officials to utilize in their decision making. Our team is on the cutting edge for supporting the evolution of an advanced warning system and predictive debris flow management. These programs are improving efforts to mitigate the loss of life that is caused annually by landslides.

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