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Fortifying National Security

Developing a Regional Center of Excellence

Providing UAS services, support, and training to The Commonwealth of the Bahamas

Swift Tactical Systems is installing a UAS academy for the Ministry of National Security and deploying a suite of drones to support the country’s command, control, communication, and ISR efforts.

Customer: Commonwealth of The Bahamas



Develop a Center of Excellence in the region for UAS solutions, offering services, support, and training.


The Bahamas is an extensive island chain spread over a territory of 100,000-square nautical miles. Which is roughly the size of California. These vast island territory waters are appealing to transnational criminals involved with smuggling, poaching, and illegal immigration trafficking. Its size and numerous remote locations make it difficult for officials to monitor developing situations in and around The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. 



Establish a Regional Center of Excellence for the Ministry of National Security.

  • Establishing UAS stations throughout The Bahamas that meet FAA and Aviation Civil Authority rules, regulations and guidelines.
  • Developing the capacity to own, maintain, and effectively deploy drones of all ranges and types from land and sea to increase ISR capabilities.
  • Installing a UAS Academy to provide the Ministry of National Security, with expert training for UAS pilots, engineers and support staff.
  • Empowering The Commonwealth of The Bahamas to become the region’s Center of Excellence for UAS systems domestically and abroad.

Impacting the Future:

By detecting, deterring, and disrupting transnational organized criminal networks, and prosecuting those who operate them, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas will fortify its reputation as the safest nation in the region.

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