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Forestry Management

Saving the forest & economy from an invasive species.

Customer: Government of Japan

Identify trees infected with pine wilt disease (PWD). This invasive species costs the government of Japan ~$1B each year.

Invasive species jeopardize economies by devastating ecosystems, disrupting infrastructure, and threatening human health. These non-native organisms cause considerable damage when introduced to new areas by competing with native wildlife for resources and thrive at the expense of the local ecosystem. Invasive species are not just animals; they can be bacteria, fungi, or plants.

Aerial mapping of the forest to geo-tag dead trees and problem areas.  


The Swift Approach:
Swift Tactical Systems is providing detailed maps, and 3D models, of large forested areas to identify and monitor the spread of PWD. The ability to consistently detect dead and dying trees allows forestry officials to slow the spread and eventually eradicate this invasive species.

The Swift team is utilizing our flagship UAV the Swift Gryphon 3.0 transitional VTOL to fly ~800 acres per flight (6X the area that could be covered by a quad or octocopter). The Swift Gryphon 3.0 utilizes multiple payloads, including RGB, NDVI, and NIR.


Impacting Future Decisions:
As Swift continues this forestry management mission in Japan, our team is providing government officials with actionable data to help eradicate PWD. Invasive species cost the global economy over $1.5 trillion each year. Because of their impact on human health, ecosystems, and critical infrastructure, Swift is poised and ready to help solve this global problem.

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